SOS Team Complete Albury to Melbourne Walk


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350km Trek Helps Charity Towards $500,000 Target

The charity walk was carried out to raise awareness and funds for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

On 27 April the Save Our Sons charity walk team reached Federation Square in Melbourne and completed their 351km walk from Albury, on the New South Wales/Victoria border.

The Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

DMD is the most common type of muscular dystrophy for children. The condition, which overwhelmingly affects young boys, causes extensive degeneration of the muscles, which can leave children incapacitated. The disease has a 100% fatality rate.

Generous Donations are Welcomed - Brian Boyd

The walk raised over $300,000 via online donations, with offline donations and a forthcoming charity fundraising dinner expected to help the charity to reach its $500,000 target.

The trek commenced in the early morning of 15 April, as the walkers, their support teams and an operations crew all made final preparations before beginning the epic journey to Melbourne.

The team were sent on their way by a large group of well wishers, including rock singer Angry Anderson, writer Prue McSween and former NRL referee Bill Harrigan.

"It is Vital to raise awareness of DMD" – Brian Boyd as PAYCE donates

PAYCE donated $20,000 in support of the fundraising walk, with Managing Director, Brian Boyd, saying, "how vital it is to help to raise awareness of DMD by supporting the Save Our Sons initiative."

"We all hope that raising the levels of awareness will lead to increased funds being made available for research to find a cure and develop treatments for this disease, so that the children affected can have a longer and better life," Mr. Brian Boyd said.

"Michael and the team were in our thoughts while they were on the trek, and we are all so pleased that they have completed the walk safely and met their fundraising target."

Endurance and Commitment was an Astonishing Demonstration – Dominic Sullivan

Dominic Sullivan, PAYCE General Manager, said the charity trek was an astonishing demonstration of endurance and commitment.

"Most of the route was along country roads, which were quite challenging because they were narrow and had uneven surfaces," Mr. Sullivan said.

"All of us at PAYCE have followed the progress of the team via their wonderful video updates and we are very proud to be associated with the charity and its events.

"I would like to offer our congratulations to both Elie and Emilio on the completion of their trek, and for the fantastic work they perform in raising the profile of DMD while also helping others in similar circumstances," added Dominic Sullivan.

Father and Son

Michael Malak, PAYCE project manager, who has supported Save Our Sons for many years, featured once again, having taken part in the 2015 Sydney to Canberra charity walk. Michael said he was proud to have the opportunity to represent PAYCE while taking part in the walk.

The walk team was lead by Elie Eid, the founder of Save Our Sons, who completed the walk with his wheelchair-bound son Emilio, who suffers from DMD. While on the road, the walkers were shown plenty of support while collecting donations from locals and passers-by. The charity walk was hit by some setbacks, but happily they were soon overcome.

"The rough road caused a puncture on the tyre of Emilio's wheelchair soon after we started the walk, but thankfully we got it fixed at the cycle shop in Albury, who got us going again free of charge," Michael said.

Local Support

"We have been knocked out by the generosity and interest people people have shown along the way, and their encouragement helped us to keep going.

"While walking down Federation, the grandparents of a little boy who also suffers from DMD stopped us. They were travelling to Melbourne and wanted to pass on their best wishes for the trek.

"Except for one morning when we had some rain, it was very hot and dry. We all have a few blisters, but no one ever complained. Once we found our stride, we didn't feel any pain.

"We were happy to celebrate Elie's birthday while on the walk. He is a massive inspiration to us all, with the fantastic effort he puts into making sure the world knows about DMD.

"The local community in Violet Town were fantastic. Teachers and students from the Peranbin Primary College met us as we approached the town. They cheered and clapped before presenting Emilio with a $150 cheque. One girl even donated her pocket money. What a fantastic welcome!"

The Duchenne Alliance

Save Our Sons is part of the Duchenne Alliance, a global organisation which aims to fight DMD across the world. Save Our Sons provide funding for scientific trials into possible treatments, basing their decisions on advice from scientists. The 2016 walk also aims to provide a clinical nurse for every major children's hospital in the nation.

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