PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited is one of Australia's premier development companies in Sydney, building new apartment buildings and commercial property estates. PAYCE'S continued involvement in residential property investment as well as commercial property development, are vital to Sydney's efforts for Urban Renewal and Community Estate Projects.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited is set to deliver innovative residential apartment developments, residential properties and landmark commercial property developments with a strong sense of community planning at the heart of every PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited property development.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited has been developing and creating exceptional places to live, work and play in and around Sydney - NSW since 1978.
PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited now have an impressive list of residential apartment properties and commercial properties which continue to develop and build unique and cohesive communities in the urban renewal projects around Sydney.

Property development company in Sydney engages in Urban Renewal and community regeneration

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited, one of Sydney's leading building companies have a proven track record of delivering integrated lifestyle property developments - Mr Brian Boyd – Managing Director of leading Sydney property developer PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited says, “Our secret to success is our team – we work with the best building architects, designers, builders, interior designers and landscape architects.”

Brian Boyd Managing Director of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited talks property development companies in Sydney

Working alongside a trusted network of building and property development industry professional s all experts in their field, Mr Brian Boyd says.
“When you assemble the best team in the business, drawing on best practice design principles, critical thinking and true innovation you can turn an industrial site into a special place to live.”

Through the success of Sydney's urban renewal projects, PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited developed a reputation for creating dynamic and cohesive community environments consisting of retail precincts and commercial property opportunities surrounded by high quality and innovative modern architected luxury apartment and residential unit communities.

Apartment developers Sydney

As builders and developers of luxury apartment complexes and considerable retail and commercial property specialists, PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited have gained a strong reputation for innovative urban renewal, design and community planning, consisting of environmentally friendly and sustainable apartments newly designed for a lifestyle of luxury apartment living.

One of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited's primary goals is to provide communities where apartment residents have access to a wide range of retail and commercial properties, amenities and services - all within easy reach of their Award winning Residential Apartments.

Mr Brian Boyd has made the observations that - “People don't just want a home – they want to be part of an integrated community with all the services right on their doorstop.”

New apartments for sale in Sydney - Waterfront Property in Sydney's West

As an integral part of Sydney's efforts for Urban Renewal and Community Regeneration, premier apartment development company PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited, have been creating apartment complexes, retail and commercial property opportunities. West of Sydney along the waterfront by Wentworth Point and inland to Olympic Park.

A remarkably stylish and luxurious apartment development as well as a residential unit development has sprung up along Wentworth point. These sophisticated apartments represent the pinnacle of luxury resort apartment lifestyle.

“There is also a bit of in-fill land supply that might have previously been used for industrial. For example a lot of inner ring areas like Homebush Bay are now changing.”

Apartments for sale Sydney – Just South of Sydney's CBD

“We saw a great opportunity in the inner ring of Sydney as land became available to showcase what urban renewal can achieve,” Mr Boyd noted.

To the South of the Sydney CBD - PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited have been instrumental in realising the potential of previously industrial wasteland in the stunning and modern community surrounding Victoria Park in Sydney's suburb of Zetland.

“You don't have to live right on Sydney Harbour to enjoy a great quality of life.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited in partnership with local Government and other notable property developers have created more than 2000 new residential apartments available for sale in the Victoria Park land near East Village

Mr Boyd – Managing Director of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited observed, “There is great demand to live beachside in Sydney, but there are also a lot of people who are keen to acquire a home which is close to the city.”

The Apex apartments are composed of a Boutique 14 storey building sporting cobblestones and pocket gardens, all capped off with an open air cinema in the tree lined roof top garden.

Platinum by PAYCE is PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited's third apartment development in Victoria Park and the company has been prolific in changing the face of the area, and shaping the atmosphere of one of Sydney's most liveable communities.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited Managing Director Brian Boyd believes - “You learn a lot along the way – and after 35 years in the building and property development industries, we understand that you constantly need to set new standards”.

Commercial Renewal projects by Commercial Developers of Sydney – Brian Boyd Managing Director of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited specialises in innovative urban design projects which encompass residential, retail and commercial components to create a truly integrated lifestyle experience and an environment that people gravitate towards. Committed to best practice, PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited has a track record for completing apartment development and commercial property development projects significantly ahead of schedule.

The land near Victoria Park – was once used for heavy industry and manufacturing, but has been transformed into a sophisticated retail, commercial and residential apartment development named East Village.

“I think the projects we are involved in at Victoria Park heralds a new era in community estate planning”.

Victoria Park presents a range of select commercial opportunities very close to the Apex luxury apartments and Platinum apartments in the East Village retail precinct.

“People don't want to live three hours from the city so anything in that inner ring is now highly sort after”, remarked Mr Boyd of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited.

Victoria Park is close to Oxford Street with its fashionable boutiques, art galleries and antique shops are scattered along Dank Street.
East Village supporting local luxury lifestyle apartments provides a full service supermarket, pharmacy, optometrist, a multi-level fitness centre and health club.

Mr Boyd believes the outlook for the property market is positive, and noted - “there seems to be a bit of supply in the market with land values now starting to rise”.

Commercial and Retail property opportunities in Sydney

West of Sydney's CBD along the banks of the Parramatta River lies ... The Waterfront.

The Waterfront at Wentworth Point is a truly inspiring place to live, combining the ambience of a Mediterranean island and the apartments of a luxury resort. The marketplace and the streets lining the commercial properties are fused with the energy of old European villages. Cobble stone streets with cafe patrons spilling out onto the walk ways – pocket gardens between all the apartment buildings, with residents enjoying all the comforts of resort-style apartment facilities in a lively commercial and retail Piazza with restaurants, cafes, a medical centre and dentist, deli, bottle shop, day spa, hairdresser – you need nothing more!

Commercial developers in Sydney

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited are on a quest to create the perfect community incorporating Commercial property and Retail property opportunities surrounded by quality luxury residential apartment style accommodation and facilities.

“Separation is old-fashioned – integration is the future,” Mr Boyd said.

Building master-planned communities is about providing social spaces such as the Piazza at The Waterfront, and the Market Square and library at the Washington Park over in Riverwood North, not to mention East Village in Victoria Park.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited have built an entire community from the ground up at The Waterfront at Wentworth Point – The area that was not an obvious choice for investors prior to their intervention. Today it's a thriving community with more than 5,000 residents.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited are dedicated to building the communities that will bloom in about 10 years with high construction standards and provision for the body corporate ensures buildings and landscaping are well maintained.

Brian Boyd addresses Community estate planning in Sydney

Mr Boyd said there was no better example of a redevelopment creating a new community than the Riverwood North Urban Renewal project which is well underway.

The project – which is a partnership – between the NSW Land and Housing Corporation and PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited, includes the development of social and private units to create a new, vibrant, liveable and integrated residential community.
The $250 million project includes 150 social housing units and 50 private units.

The old Department of Housing units were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s. It site has previously been used by the US Army during World War Two as a wartime hospital and then later as a migrant transition centre.

“Similar to other housing estates of the era, the Riverwood Estate design was based on Radburnian design principles which limited site connections, created ambiguity regarding private and public spaces and led to poor social outcomes,” Mr Boyd said.

“The Riverwood Social Housing Estate is an ageing facility which increasingly fails to meet the needs of its clients.
“What we have in its place are units which are fully functional, brilliantly designed and there is no distinction between private and public tenants.”

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited: Community renewal solutions for Sydney

Washington Park – Riverwood Urban Renewal project

Washington Park is designed by award-winning architects, interior designers and landscape architects.
Each building features modern, understated architecture, and the apartments have been modelled with sound eco-friendly, energy efficient and sustainable apartment design principles in mind.
Each apartment comes with all the future-proof technology initiatives that ensure apartments are National Broadband Network (NBN) ready with access to Pay TV and Energy efficient LED lighting.

Ongoing investment and development is in the pipeline for the Riverwood area including major proposed upgrades to the M5 Motorway, ongoing upgrades to the South West Rail Link, and budgeted $10m commitment by Canterbury Council to the upkeep and renewal of local infrastructure.

With plentiful Commercial and retail properties available the outlook for commercial opportunity and community renewal are looking strong. There is a great selection of supermarkets, restaurants, cafés, shops, sports clubs, schools, sports fields and clubs. It really is the full package.

Partnerships - Private housing partnerships, public housing partnerships: getting things done in Sydney.

Mr Boyd said the NSW Government should be congratulated on its foresight.

“I think this project clearly demonstrates what can be achieved under the Public Private Partnership model,” he said.

The Riverwood North Renewal Project involves the replacement of 150 older housing units with 150 modern social housing units for seniors, and approximately 50 units for private sale.

The aim of the project is to provide modern and safe accommodation which meets the needs of NSW Land & Housing Corporation tenants and to introduce private affordable housing, as well as improved facilities and open space for residents.

PAYCE Communities has developed an exciting vision for a new and revitalised urban village as part of its new Masterplan for the site which allows for:

  • • Quality designed apartment buildings
  • •Improved public spaces and parks, including a new Garden Plaza
  • •Improved and high quality urban character
  • •Opportunity for development of new urban amenities and community facilities (e.g. Library)

Brian Boyd comments on the Public housing and private housing partnerships in Sydney

Mr Boyd said the community benefits of the new development will give all residents a great quality of life. “This includes a library, shops, large open space and other community facilities.”

Mr Boyd said he believed that there was real potential to redevelop the rest of the site. “This project is a model which I am sure will attract keen interest from other States.”

Mr Boyd said that the NSW Government project had been well supported by Canterbury Council and the local community.
“This is a strong vibrant community that deserves to enjoy the benefits of a modern urban estate,” he said.
“The model we have here is no different to other private developments closer to Sydney.”

Summary – Brian Boyd presents the strength of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited has continued to experience strong growth over the last decade – even following the Global Financial Crisis and the tightening of credit.

“ Our strong commercial partnerships with financiers plus strong partnerships with our core team including our commercial builders has ensured that we have been able to continue to grow as a business, ” Mr Boyd said.

Mr Boyd said PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited ' s ability to fund projects in the $50 million to $100 million market have the company an advantage of other industry players.

“ There are not a large numbers of players in that market space, particularly since the GFC,” he said.

“ I think that has created a sweet spot for us,” he said.

Over the last twenty years, PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited have worked relentlessly to build a reputation for High construction standards, and have an exceptional track record in building masterplanned communities. PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited are very concerned to provide their residential apartment buildings with unprecedented commercial and retail building and development opportunities that support the luxury lifestyle people have come to expect from PAYCE Communities.

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