Mr Brian Boyd - Managing Director of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited, discusses the outlook for Investment Apartments and Residential Apartment Development around Sydney`s inner City and CBD.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited is one of Australia's premier development companies in Sydney, building new apartment buildings and commercial property estates. PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited's continued involvement in residential property investment as well as commercial property development, are vital to Sydney's efforts for Urban Renewal and Community Estate Projects.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited has been developing and creating exceptional places to live, work and play in and around Sydney - NSW since 1978.
PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited now have an impressive list of residential apartment properties and commercial properties which continue to develop and build unique and cohesive communities in the urban renewal projects around Sydney.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited are set to deliver innovative residential apartment developments, residential properties and landmark commercial property developments with a strong sense of community planning at the heart of every PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited property development.

Community Revitalisation and Urban Renewal in Sydney

Property Development for Urban Renewal and community revitalisation

Urban regeneration projects presently being considered could add thousands more apartments to the pipeline.
These projects and precincts are large enough to further strengthen and extend the development pipeline beyond the present 2018 horizon.

Mr Brian Boyd commented - We saw a great opportunity in the inner ring of Sydney as land became available to showcase what urban renewal can achieve.
People don't want to live three hours from the city so anything in that inner ring is now highly sort after, Separation is old-fashioned – integration is the future

What is the Riverwood North Renewal Project ? - Mr Brian Boyd responded ...

The Riverwood North Renewal Project involves the replacement of 150 older housing units with 150 modern social housing units for seniors, and approximately 500 units for private sale.
The aim of the project is to provide modern and safe accommodation which meets the needs of tenants and to introduce private affordable housing, as well as improved facilities with open space for residents.

PAYCE Communities has developed an exciting vision for a new and revitalised urban village as part of its new Masterplan for the site which allows for:

  • Quality designed apartment buildings
  • Improved public spaces and parks, including a new Garden Plaza
  • Improved and high quality urban character
  • Opportunity for development of new urban amenities and community facilities (e.g. Library)

Mr Brian Boyd continued - "The Riverwood Social Housing Estate is an ageing facility which increasingly fails to meet the needs of its clients.
Similar to other housing estates of the era, the Riverwood Estate design was based on Radburnian design principles which limited site connections, created ambiguity regarding private and public spaces and led to poor social outcomes.

Mr Boyd said - This is a strong vibrant community that deserves to enjoy the benefits of a modern urban estate, this includes a library, shops, large open space and other community facilities.
Mr Boyd said he believed that there was real potential to redevelop the rest of the site. "This project is a planned community model which I am sure will attract keen interest from other States.

Mr Boyd said the NSW Government was to be congratulated on its foresight in redeveloping the site – it is a great example of what can be achieved in community housing projects in Sydney.
"I think is also a great example of how the private and public sector can work together to achieve benefit for people who really deserve it. This is a proud community and now they have an affordable housing complex of which to be very proud."

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