Washington Park on show to the Riverwood local community

Mr. Brian Boyd & Mr Dominic Sullivan of PAYCE Communities discuss the progress made at the Washington Park Urban Renewal project.

"Washington Park is designed to not only deliver an improved stock of public housing, but also offers a great place to live for private owners," Mr Boyd said.

Washington Park is now on show to the residents of the Riverwood community

Washington Park is located on the corner of Washington Avenue and Kentucky Road, off Belmore Road and adjacent to the Riverwood Community Centre and Wetlands reserve.
The Washington Park residential precinct is being developed by leading Australian property company PAYCE, who has built a reputation for creating dynamic and cohesive environments where residents have access to a wide range of amenities and services.

The Riverwood community is being invited to an Open Day at the new Washington Park residential precinct this weekend to inspect the project first hand and see the future plans and model of the Riverwood North Renewal project.
The Open Day is being hosted by PAYCE and supported by the Department of Family and Community Services (Housing NSW) and St George Community Housing.
The Open Day, to be held on Saturday 19th July between 10am and 2pm, includes free music entertainment for all, refreshments, a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting and balloon art.

Member of the Residents Organisation at Riverwood (ROAR), Mrs Senka Poletanovic congratulated PAYCE on the success of its project and its latest community initiative.

"PAYCE has been a great supporter of the Riverwood community for the past three years and the Open Day will give locals an opportunity to see how the area is being transformed by the company's Washington Park project," she said.
"Since PAYCE came along they have helped to improve Riverwood, there have been huge improvements to our area and it has opened Riverwood up for the better. For the school in particular, PAYC E have helped us immensely through their fundraising support."

Washington Park residential buildings are growing - Levels Two and Three progressing well

PAYCE's General Manager, Dominic Sullivan said visitors on the Open Day will be able to take a walk through the new plaza, enjoy the free entertainment and stroll around the landscaped gardens or relax in the new Central Park.
"They will see how the estate is transforming the area as it progresses towards its full potential."
Mr Sullivan said Washington Park is one of most exciting urban renewal projects ever undertaken by PAYCE.
"The first stage of the project, which has been completed, involved the construction of 123 social housing units for the NSW Government, a community plaza, gardens and landscaped grounds," he said.
"Currently, work is progressing on schedule on the private residential buildings, which saw all apartments purchased off the plan shortly after going to market."
Mr Sullivan said construction work on the private apartment buildings was progressing well, with both projects now off the ground with structural framing erected up to Levels Two and Three.
"It is planned that the 700+ social and private apartments will integrate into a very inclusive community on the site."

Washington Park is steeped in history and takes its name from the presence of United States personnel and the largest military hospital in Australia during World War II on the 3.5 hectare site.
Following the end of the war, the barracks were converted into public housing in streets that included Kentucky Road, Vermont Crescent and Washington Avenue.
Mr Boyd said PAYCE was pleased to be able to retain these street names within the Washington Park estate.

PAYCE's Managing Director, Brian Boyd is confident that Washington Park lives up to PAYCE's well-earned reputation of building great places to live, where residents feel safe and have a real sense of belonging.
"Washington Park ticks all the boxes to make it an urban renewal showcase project for residents and the Riverwood community to enjoy," he said.
"Our vision for Washington Park is a place for people of all ages and cultures – for young families and singles, teenagers and seniors alike," Brian Boyd said.

Washington Park Open Day draws big crowds

"Washington Park is designed to not only deliver an improved stock of public housing, but also offers a great place to live with a growing sense of community." said Mr Brian Boyd - managing director of PAYCE.

The Community Open Day at Riverwood North's Washington Park residential precinct proved to be an outstanding success

Attracting more than a thousand local residents of the community, who turned out to enjoy the carnival atmosphere of entertainment, attractions and refreshments.

The day was organised and coordinated by the newly-formed residents group, Residents Organisation at Riverwood (ROAR), and supported by leading Australian residential property and apartment developers, PAYCE.

Local Riverwood Residents group (ROAR) declares Washington Park Open Day, a big success

ROAR member, Neale Owen said it was wonderful to see so many local people getting involved and working together to make the Open Day a success.

"I was really impressed that we were able to organise it so well in just three weeks and it was fun to work with such a fantastic bunch of people," she said.

Another ROAR member, Senka Poletanovic said she was all for the changes that are happening at Washington Park.

"I really hope there are more changes to come in the future as it's definitely been good for the area," she said.

Fine weather brought the Riverwood residents to the festivities at the Garden Plaza in Washington Parks Market Square

The day started with an official opening by Lakemba MP, Robert Furolo and the National Anthem energetically sung by pupils from the Riverwood Public School.

The music was supplied by popular local band `The Pacific Sunsets`, who kept the crowd entertained, rockin` the day away with their toe-tapping tunes, many joined in when the local YMCA demonstrated some healthy, fun exercises to keep fit.

Other entertainers included My Youth duo, Samantha Terepai and Markita Galea; the Riverwood Air League Band, the Hornets; dancers and choir from Hannans Road Public School, the Riverwood Church Youth Singers; the Chinese Dancing Group and impressive demonstration by Manny Mansour's Taekwondo School students.

Mr Brian boyd - PAYCE managing director, shares his thoughts on the Washington Park masterplan

PAYCE's Managing Director, Brian Boyd said the Open Day was a great example of how urban renewal projects such as Washington Park could revitalise an area and bring communities closer together.

We wanted to design a centralised space in the community where residents and visitors, family and friends could socialise in a village like atmosphere. We drew inspiration from the great squares of Europe and the US and we planned, meticulously down to the smallest detail the Garden Plaza in the Market Square.

The Market Square was designed to host a selection of shops down one side, while down the other side, a state-of-the-art Library and Sports Center, we thought perhaps on weekends the space could play host to Market stalls where fresh organic produce is sold, and where families could eat, play and socialise.

"In the three years PAYCE has been in Riverwood, we have been fortunate to have partnered with a number of local bodies, including the Riverwood Community Centre and Riverwood Public School to deliver real results in community renewal and social inclusion," said Mr Brian Boyd.

PAYCE setting the tone for enhanced lifestyle in developing communities

PAYCE's General Manager, Dominic Sullivan said the day exceeded everyone's expectations and demonstrated what a wonderful community spirit exists in the district.

"It was great to see so many families and friends taking advantage of the fine weather and joining in the activities that were available in and around the new Garden Plaza," he said.

Mr Sullivan said the Open Day brought people of all ages and cultures together and demonstrated how the design of Washington Park works well in bringing local residents and the Riverwood community together.

"There were activities for all ages, with two of the most popular being the petting zoo and pony rides, where many kids had their first experience of handling rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens or being on horseback," he said.

"The overall atmosphere around the Garden Plaza was fantastic all day and the feedback from residents was extremely positive, with many commenting on how well the formula works of having a mix of social and private residents living side by side."

Mr Brian Boyd affirmed that, "PAYCE is committed to helping and empowering communities to realise their own potential in all its projects and the Washington Park and Riverwood communities have certainly embraced that objective.

"On behalf of PAYCE, I want to thank everyone involved with the Open Day, especially the community groups, the entertainers and volunteers for making the day a fantastic success all round," Mr Boyd said.

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