Melrose Park Public School Cinema Under the Stars Draws Large Crowds

  • Melrose Park Public School, Sydney NSW. PAYCE Head Office 2016-12-14

Recently PAYCE proudly supported the Melrose Park Open air Cinema.

A large crowd attended the Melrose Park Cinema under the stars.

Around 400 local residents attended the Melrose Park Cinema under the stars, eager to enjoy an evenings entertainment at the free community event sponsored by PAYCE.

Genuine thanks expressed.

Genuine thanks expressed by the P&C Coordinator Chantel and Principal Clare claimed the night as "a great community success".

Once initial set up was complete, members of the Melrose Park Public School and residents of the Melrose Park area began to arrive around 6pm. They had been informed of the event through a series of flyers distributed throughout the school and surrounding area, which clearly indicated the community focused nature of this event and PAYCE's involvement in the cinema night. Banners were also put on display around the public school.

The P&C organising committee were instrumental in the planning and management of this highly successful event. The committee is a great indicator of how well local Melrose Park residents are responding to PAYCE's initial involvement in and around the community.

Brian Boyd, PAYCE MD, said the response from local residents was fantastic. "To see such a large turn-out for this free evening of cinema demonstrates the strength of the Melrose Park community," said Mr. Boyd. "PAYCE is proud to play a role in such a positive event," Brian Boyd continued.

Stalls on the day included a PAYCE stall, a St John's Ambulance Tent, a Schibello Coffee supported van a Turkish Gozleme food truck and a fairy floss stall. These stalls contributed heavily on the day and gave the event a wonderful community centred, festival vibe.

PAYCE was thanked for its support of the highly successful day, as they were once again recognised for their fantastic support to the public school and to the wider Melrose Park community. Many people expressed a hope that the support would continue for the event next year.


Riverwood Public School Presentation Day a Huge Success

  • Riverwood Public School, Sydney NSW. PAYCE Head Office 2016-12-14

Riverwood Public School Present 2016 Literacy Awards.

During the presentation ceremony, PAYCE were thanked and acknowledged throughout the event for their support of the school.

Principal Rob Borg spoke of all the development of the school grounds and of PAYCE's support of literacy programs.

And on behalf of PAYCE - Michael Malik and Lance Books ...

Michael Malak and Lance Brooks presented awards on behalf of PAYCE

Monday December 5th saw the Riverwood Public School's presentation day, which was attended by Lance Brooks, Michael Malak, Ian Bulloch and Matt Foulkes. Riverwood Public School invited PAYCE to be present as special guests on the day in order to show their appreciation for the large amount of support that PAYCE provides to the school and its community. Special guests on the day also included David Coleman, Jihad Dib, Senoir Constable Mick Barnes, members of the P&C, Mr Chris Charles – Directors of Public Schools NSW, Nadia Saleh – Riverwood Community Centre and volunteers from the public school garden.

Michael Malak presented the award for PAYCE's literacy support program on behalf of PAYCE. The three recipients of their awards were delighted and highlight the excellent work and value that the PAYCE supported literacy program provides.

Payce Managing Director, Mr Brian Boyd was very pleased to see Michael present the awards for the literacy program, stating "Payce is proud to support such an important program for the Riverwood Public School. Michael represents the true spirit of community and was our obvious choice to present the literacy awards."

Rob Borg, in his presentation to those present, highlighted the amazing performances of Riverwood Public school in 2016. Mr. Borg revealed that based on the last three years of NAPLAN testing, Riverwood Public School is considered to be 34th most improved primary school nation wide. When this is applied to only the state school system in NSW, Riverwood Public School is 4th of the most improved list. This is a fantastic achievement and reflects the amazing efforts and progress that is being made by the staff and the community surrounding Riverwood Public School.

Mr. Boyd added his congratulations to Riverwood Public School on the achievements of the literacy program. "While the national statistics are excellent, the NSW achievements are a direct result of the hard work applied to the program by the school, teachers and, most importantly, the students," said Brian Boyd.



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