World Title competition latest success for award winning team.

  • PAYCE Head Office, Sydney NSW.

Year 10 Team receives 'wild card' invitation to compete.

Engadine High's Fast PAYCE team head to Texas to take part in World Titles.

This October, the F1 in Schools Challenge team from Engadine High will be heading to Austin, Texas, in order to compete in the World Titles. The team received a 'wild card' invitation from the organisers of the four-day competition.

Formula One Track Visit.

The F1 in Schools Challenge world titles will take place at the same time as the Formula One championship and precede the United States Grand Prix which will be held near Austin at the Circuit of Americas track.

All of the teams taking part in the competition will visit the track during the warm up sessions of the US Gran Prix and will also enjoy a behind the scenes visit to the pit lane and the team garages. As well as experiencing a premier motor racing event, the teams will also attend a special event at the Texas State Capitol building. Bernie Ecclestone, the CEO of the Formula One Competition will present a trophy named in his honour to the winning team.

A Thrilling Journey – Brian Boyd.

Brian Boyd, PAYCE's Managing Director, said that he had been thrilled to follow the progress of the Engadine High team as they have progressed through various competitions and received numerous awards.

"In March 2016, having won regional and state competitions in the Junior Professional Class, the Fast PAYCE team finished as runners-up in the open national titles. The team went on to collect three trophies for the fastest lap time, Most Energy-efficient car and Best Manufactured Car. The team were a finalist in several other categories such as Best Computer-Aided Design, Best Managed Enterprise and Best Engineered Car" noted Mr Boyd.

"In previous years teams from Engadine High have enjoyed success at the World Titles. In the 2012 Abu Dhabi and 2013 Austin World Titles, teams from Engadine High came in fourth and fifth respectively. The 2016 team will be looking to match and improve upon these results," continued Mr Brian Boyd.

"Everyone at PAYCE is very happy to play their part in what is a thrilling journey. Personally, I have been extremely impressed with the dedication and hard work shown by youngsters who make up the team. They are a credit to their families and school and we will all be cheering them on as they head to Austin to represent their country as they compete against the rest of the world," concluded Mr Boyd.

The Year 10 Team.

The Fast PAYCE team is made up of Year 10 students from Engadine High:

  • Team Manager: Blake Williams
  • Graphic Designer: Lukas Foyle
  • Design Engineer: James Mitreski
  • Manufacturing Engineer: Sean Sultana

Global Competition.

The students are supported by their teacher and mentor, Ray Treloar. Mr Treloar explained that since they received news of the wild card entry into the World Titles the team had been hard at work testing and improving the design of their car in order to increase its top speed and aerodynamic efficiency.

"We all know that when we get to Texas, the competition from around the world will be tough and until we get on the track there is no way of knowing how we will compare to the other teams from around the globe, but all of our testing suggest that we should be in the running to record a world record time in terms of car speed," he said.

PAYCE Provides Vital Support.

"The team have also been hard at work raising the funds needed to finance the trip the the US and these fundraising efforts will continue up until the day they leave."

"Having PAYCE onboard as a primary sponsor has throughout every competition has even vital to our success and we greatly appreciate their continued support as we prepare to race in Austin." Mr Treloar said.

Extremely Proud.

Ms Kerrie Jones, the current Principal said: "Everyone at Engadine High is extremely proud of the Fast PAYCE team and we can't wait to support them as they challenge the best teams from around the world in Austin, Texas."

The F1 in Schools Technology Challenge.

The F1 in Schools Technology Challenge is open to high school students from around the globe. The challenge requires a small team of students to design and construct a small-scale version of a Formula One racing car. The body of the car is constructed using light-weight balsa wood while additional components such as winglets and spoilers are designed and produced using a 3D printer. The finished car is powered around the track using a CO2 gas cylinder which allows the cars to reach speeds of up to 80 kilometres an hour.

Investment in Specialist Equipment.

Joanne Jarvis, Engadine High's former Principal, explain how the school had invested in its infrastructure and equipment to support its F1 The F1 in Schools Technology Challenge team.

"The school has invested heavily in order to modify rooms and to provide the specialist equipment which is needed in order to compete in the F1 in Schools Challenge. However, the challenge increases the student's interest in a variety of subjects from science and maths to engineering and computer aided design. Since making this investment, the students have had some great results, with this being the third team to reach the World Titles in five years," Ms Jarvis said.



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