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Dominic Sullivan is the General Manager of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited, a listed property and investment company.

With more than 20 years' experience spanning the public and private sectors in property, legal, commercial and public roles. Mr Dominic Sullivan holds a Bachelor of Laws(Hons) and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and is a former commercial lawyer with the Crown Solicitor's Office, a Public Service Executive Agency related to the Department of Justice.

Mr Dominic Sullivan.

Mr Dominic Sullivan served as Mayor of Randwick City for six years.

Since joining PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited in 2006 as Business Development Manager, Dominic Sullivan has been more recently active at PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited in the role of General Manager.

Presenting a visible profile, Mr Sullivan is a frequent representative of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited at many of PAYCE`s Community Initiatives and Industry Award ceremonies in which PAYCE are proud to participate.

Working with PAYCE Managing Director, Mr Brian Boyd, Mr Sullivan has been instrumental in many of PAYCE`s prestige luxury residential apartment development projects.

Mr Dominic Sullivan and PAYCE Projects

2012 February - In Sydney`s Victoria Park, construction began on the East Village commercial revitalisation project.

Opening in October 2014 East Village is a one-of-a-kind retail and lifestyle experience inspired by some of the worlds' leading urban market place. East Village takes inspiration from the vibrant and authentic marketplaces around the globe, including Chelsea Markets in New York and Barcelona's Boqueria, which cater equally to locals and visitors. We hope to combine the best elements of a marketplace with the design sophistication of a modern retail centre providing the City with a unique and dynamic one-of-kind social and retail experience.

East Village - consists of 206 Apartments and a mixed use retail precinct, 3km south of the Sydney CBD.

Again in 2012 and the luxury apartment complex of Platinum by PAYCE.

The Platinum apartments define contemporary urban lifestyle offering the most exquisite residences fabricated in the environmentally friendly materials. Platinum By PAYCE draws inspiration from the high fashion ideals of the catwalks of New York, Paris and Milan, sophisticated glamorous interiors while the garden sanctuary provides a tranquil environment for both relaxing and socialising.

Platinum by PAYCE - composed of 322 luxury lifestyle apartments.

2013 - Development on the Washington Park urban renewal project in the Sydney suburb of Riverwood.

Washington Park is a benchmark partnership between the NSW Land and Housing Corporation and PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited. The luxury residential complex is designed to provide public housing as well as private apartment units, creating a new, vibrant, livable and integrated residential community.

Washington Park - consists of 539 Residential Apartments across 5 building complexes, and Market Square retail revitalisation precinct

2013 - Wentworth Point & The Ermington development projects

PAYCE acquired several development sites at Hurstville and Ermington in 2013 and entered into an agreement with Sydney Olympic park Authority to develop Ferry Wharf at Wentworth Point.

Although the masterplanned community developments are now well underway and approaching completion, these landmark luxury residential apartment developments began back on the drawing board in 2009 - 2010.

This acquisition at Wentworth Point sees the creation of a new suburb called the Waterfront PAYCE`s latest site for a luxury residential apartment development and mixed use commercial precinct.

Occupying a prime north facing position right next to Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf, this truly is the Jewel of Sydney Harbour, when the Sun hits the water, you will know you have arrived at Marina Quays.

Further west along the Parramatta River lies the Ermington development site known as Royal Shores. Boasting access to premium landscaped parks, gardens and playgrounds, cycleway and riverside boardwalk, Royal Shores is destined to become one of the most unique and recognisable waterfront communities on the shores of Sydney Harbour.

Royal Shores - this masterplanned 9 building luxury residential apartment complex consists of more than 600 luxurious residential apartment dwellings. Close to Public transport bus routes and right on top of the Sydney Olympic Park Ferry.

2014 - Kirrawee brick pit development project

The Kirrawee Brick pit development project represents PAYCE`s significant goals for urban renewal in the Sutherland Shire.

The Kirrawee development Masterplan is set for contemporary mixed use development designed to enhance and contribute to the `village` atmosphere, becoming the focal point for a vibrant community.

The concept's design works with the topography of the sites deep pit excavations by adapting its unique features into a solution that gives emphasis to creating superior private and public spaces.

The site presents a unique opportunity to utilise the existing deep pit excavation to place the majority of car parking, loading and retail facilities below ground, while above, a distinctive garden based residential development has been masterplanned.

The retail component of the development is nestled beneath a landscaped platform, linked to the commercial piazza. The general form of the buildings comprise predominantly lower height buildings along the main road frontages, reinforcing the urban edge of the development.

Kirrawee - full residential apartment complex with mixed use retail precinct - South Village Square

Announcing the New PAYCE video channel ...

New to PAYCE, we are putting together a video channel so that we can showcase our premiere luxury residential apartment developments, commercial and retail revitalisation and urban renewal projects around the Sydney CBD.

We will also be conducting some interviews with key personnel, architects and designers to explain in part the philosophy and principles behind PAYCE`s design and build ethos, this is the heart and soul that we endeavour to pour into every masterplanned community we design.

Here we have the first series showcasing the designs, designers and masterplanners behind the East Village luxury residential apartment development and commercial, retail revitalisation occurring at Victoria Park.

And the second in the series where our Architects, designers and masterplanners discuss another of the premiere luxury apartment complexes at Victoria Park, the Platinum by PAYCE apartments.

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