Mr Brian Boyd - Managing Director of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited, continues to discusses the outlook for Commercial property Development and Retail Revitalisation around Sydney`s inner City and CBD.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited is one of Australia's premier development companies in Sydney, building new commercial property, Commercial Office space and Retail Revitalisation. PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited's continued involvement with commercial property developments are designed around master planned residential communities and are vital to Sydney's efforts to boost commercial options for one of Australia's most vital and international commercial hubs.

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited has been developing and creating exceptional places to live, work and play in and around Sydney - NSW since 1978.
PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited now have an impressive list of commercial properties and commercial office spaces offering exceptional benefits to companies and employees alike. PAYCE continue to develop and build unique and cohesive communities supported by exceptional commercial opportunities in and around Sydney's central business districts.
PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited are set to deliver innovative residential communities and landmark commercial property developments and Office spaces with a strong sense of community planning at the heart of every PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited property development.

Commercial Revitalisation and renewal in Sydney

Commercial property Revitalisation in the Sydney Central

Recent studies recorded widespread activity, with Apartment development projects in suburbs across Inner Sydney.
The CBD is by far the major contributor, with over 4,000 apartments in the pipeline. This displayed market preference for inner city locations which will also add to the population of the region, providing greater support to retail spending, adding to the viability of public infrastructure and further activating the public domain.

Mr Brian Boyd managing director of PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited - Today people don't want to have to hop in the car to do their shopping, eat out or be entertained, and that's what Victoria Park is offering – great apartment living not far from the heart of Sydney. There is great demand to live beachside in Sydney, but there are also a lot of people who are keen to acquire a home which is close to the city. Purchasers and Owner Occupyers are realising that you don't have to live right on Sydney Harbour to enjoy a great quality of life.

Master Planned Communities for Victoria Park and the Green Square

The Green Square masterplan, which aims to change the industrial character of the land into residential and mixed-use areas. The plan proposed land-use patterns, a public domain structure, social infrastructure, ecologically sustainable strategies and movement networks to guide the urban renewal of Green Square.

Mr Brian Boyd said that - Today, Green Square is changing into a vibrant and sustainable urban place, with a diverse mix of housing, open spaces, offices, shops and facilities.

The large-scale residential developments at Green Square are also indicative of a much larger population settling in the Green Square area. Projects such as PAYCE's 206-apartment East Village complex in Victoria Park, Apex Apartment development and the more recent Platinum boutique multi-unit residential Apartment complex around Victoria Park are transforming industrial and commercial space into revitalised thriving centres of commercial activity.

More than than 278 hectares of land only 3 km south of Sydney's centre are being totally transformed into an amazing new inner-urban community - Mr Brian boyd unformed us. Having been Sydney's oldest industrial area, Green Square is now being transformed into home for a resident population of more than 40,000 people, and more than 22,000 people are expected to live and work in the area by 2031.

Mr Brian Boyd continued - In line with PAYCE design concepts, the apartment buildings will be Investment grade apartments of a superior standard. I think the Apex and Platinum Apartments will not only prove to be a great place to live but will also prove to be an excellent apartment investment.

The gentrification of Green Square is well under way.

Demographic population shifts affect positive changes to Sydney`s commercial climate

The population surge is resulting in a recognisable demographic shift, with the number of young professionals replacing the labourers and trades workers in and around Green Square.

Mr Boyd said people do not just want to buy an apartment - they want a lifestyle.
"Our projects are about urban renewal and delivering a new, vibrant lifestyle close to where people live," he said.
"If buyers can live, shop, play and relax within the one precinct that is an attractive proposition," he said.

Zetland is noted investment property hot-spot, with 2,500 apartments yet to be delivered in what has already become a very active and high-profile re-development zone.
Green Square's urban renewal initiative has acted as the catalyst for a bustling commercial creative cluster settling in the area, consisting of professionals in architecture, photography, fashion and interior design. Industrial warehouses are being transformed into creative spaces to host art exhibitions, photographic studios and a furniture showrooms.
These young professionals are impacting on the retail offering, with several 'trendy' cafés trading in the area Typifying the changing demographic, Victoria Park has developed into a retail and creative hub, providing organic food, homewares and art.

Mr Brian Boyd said - "East Village with its urban marketplace and marquee commercial tenants will be a key feature in the Zetland project," he said. "It really will give people the opportunity to live, shop and enjoy leisure time in close proximity to where they live," Mr Boyd said.

New Commercial Office space temptingly viable at Victoria Park and Green Square

Regarding the improvments to Commercial Office space, Mr Brian Boyd commented that - Some of Sydney's newer commercial office space doesn't meet the key benchmark of good transport access for workers.
This lack of access means more people drive and that's putting pressure on existing, already stretched infrastructure.

According to PAYCE Chairman Brian Boyd transport access is one of the big pluses for the latest location for office space in The East Village commecial, Retail and Residential Apartment development.
"Transport access is exceptional with Railway Stations less than 800 metres easy walk through pleasant surroundings, while commuter bus stops are located within 100 metres of the entry foyer to the East Village main entrance"

Mr Boyd said East Village, located in the Victoria Park precinct at Zetland, just south of the Sydney CBD, is ideal for a growing business.
Mr Boyd said the commercial suits will feature state-of-the-art services and facilities including the reliability and sustainability benefits of Trigen power, heating and cooling systems.
"Large open plan floor plates with extensive glazing will provide comfortable and flexible accommodation solutions for businesses seeking solutions up to 5000 square metres."
With occupancy design allowing ratios in advance of 1:10 square metres, the space is efficient without compromising on quality and amenity to staff.

"With a diverse local population employers will also be in a position to offer professionals and support staff, ease of access to their work - said Mr Boyd.
The forecast is on track and completion date scheduled for the middle of 2014.

Apartment Development projects - all on track.

The annual timeline shows a peak in completions in 2014. This peak is very much influenced by the completion of stages in some of the bigger projects presently underway in Inner Sydney, EastVillage and Platinum (Zetland) to name just a few.

Mr Brian Boyd said - I think the projects we are involved in at Victoria Park heralds a new era in community estate planning
Mr Boyd said the Victoria Park project which includes several PAYCE developments like East Village is an excellent example of a major urban renewal project.
East Village is a unique development given its location, What we have planned is for people to feel that truly vibrant activity and atmosphere of a genuinely local village," he said.
"The interest in our projects there has been extremely strong on the back of its great location and village development."

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